Friday, December 23, 2005

Today's kanji : 働

Today's kanji is .

The blue part describes "people".

The red part describes "to move".

People are moving.

Can you guess the meaning?

See the comments page for the answer!


  1. "People are moving"

    働 means "to work".

    For example...

    労働 (roodoo) :to work
    稼働 (kadoo) :operation
    働き蜂 (hatarakibachi) :hard worker

    Hmm... this is a very realistic kanji...
    I wish 働(people are moving) meant "to have fun" or something...!

  2. hello.
    This blog is very useful!
    I'm going to be studying Japanese in a few months because I want to work there when I get older(I'm only 17).
    I'm just fascinated by the people and the culture.

    Thanks for posting this blog!

  3. Thank you very much for your comments.
    It was nice to hear that you are interested in Japanese culture and are going to study Japanese language!
    (I guess you are the youngest reader for this blog!)
    If you speak and read Japanese, you must have a lot of chance to find a good job here especially in Tokyo.
    Good luck on your studying Japanese.
    Hope you enjoy my blog, too! (^ ^)