Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The reason I make hashtags on Twitter

As you may know I share tips for learning Japanese on my Twitter account.

Thanks to you, I enjoy Twitter a lot.
Thank you for your comments, RTs and Likes, too.
I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply all of you, but I really enjoy reading them.

Before I started Twitter, most of Japanese learners I knew were people who are living in Tokyo and having Japanese partner, friends or family etc.
Now whenever I have a new follower, I visit their profile page, see the profile and some tweets.
It's been more than 2years since I started Twitter and I'm getting to know that some people love some specific points about Japan and their knowledge/experiences about those points are amazing regardless of whether they have visited Japan or not.

I wish I could tweet more about more themes, but it seems my knowledge is so limited.
It's not only lack of my English skills, but also lack of my knowledge about those topics even in Japanese.

Then, I came up with using a hashtag on Twitter.

If you like, search those hashtags on Twitter.
Some people have tweeted interesting tweets using the hashtags.

My knowledge is limited, but if some of us share some information together, we can make great word/phrase lists, I think.

Those hashtags are not mine.
Anyone can create new one and use them.
If you have any new ideas and make a new hashtag, please let me know.
I want to join your hashtag, too!