Monday, February 27, 2006

Kit Kat

In this season, you see so many KitKat (chocolate) advertisement everywhere.
Especially in trains, they sometimes have "KitKat train".
They are decorated with Kitkat stickers and all the posters in the train are KitKat.

The reason is that KitKat is "lucky" for candidates for highschools and unversities.
In Japan, usually students take the exam in February.

KitKat is pronounced "kitto katto" in Japanese.
"Kitto(きっと)" means "surely, certainly".
"Katoo(勝とう)" means "let's win, let's pass the exam".

They make posters with messages for the students like
"You can do it!"
"You don't have to worry at all. You tried very hard!"
"Your parents are nervous rather than you." ...etc.

Also the posters are imaged cherry blossom, so that the students can imagine spring (the season after the exam) easily.

In the past, we used to eat "katsudon" for luck.
(Katsudon is a pork cutlet on rice.)
Katsu (勝つ) means "to win, to pass the exam".
Maybe katsudon is old idea now...! :(

Hmm... they found an interesting business chance!
Is there same idea in your country?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Today's kanji : 恋

Today's kanji is .

The blue part describes
"It's difficult to untie tangled threads".

The red part describes "heart / feeling".

The feeling is like tangled threads.

Can you guess the meaning?

Special hint : What anniversary is today? (^o^)

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Today's kanji : 友

Today's kanji is .

The blue part describes "right hand".
The red part describes "right hand", too.

People who shaking hands are...

Can you guess the meaning?

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