Thursday, August 28, 2008

How can we describe "gigabyte" in kanji?

Basically, kanji is used for Japanese (Chinese) words and katakana is used for words coming from foreign countries.

But there are some kanji for katakana words.

means “meter”
means “one thousand”

means “small, thin”

(me-toru) “meter”
(kiro me-toru) “kilometer”

(miri me-toru) “millimeter”

means “gram”

(gramu) “gram”

瓦+千= (kiro guramu) “kilogram"
瓦+毛= (miri gramu) “milligram"

We usually use katakana but kanji for the above words, but it’s still interesting that there are some knaji which we can’t describe in Japanese words.

Don’t you think so?
I’m not sure if these kanji is used in Chinese too and if they pronounce same way though.

Well, maybe we can “develop” new kanji for some English words.
How about some words used for computer?

Do you have any idea about kanji for “byte” “mega” and “giga”? ;)

To type the above kanji, I used Windows "IME Pad Hand writing".
Those are not 常用漢字(jooyoo kanji) which is basic 1954kanji we lean in elementary school and junior high school in Japan.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Don't pull my leg!

There are a lot of idioms using a part of the body.

Today, I’m introducing you some idioms with “leg”.

Leg is "足 (ashi)" in Japanese.

① 足が重い (ashi ga omoi)

"The leg is heavy."

This means...
"I don’t want to go to the place but I have to go."


(ashita wa JLPT da, ashi ga omoiyo.)

"It will be the Japanese proficiency test tomorrow. I don’t want to go but I have to go."

② 足元にも及ばない (ashimoto nimo oyobanai)

“It doesn’t reach to even foot.”
This means…
“Someone is much greater than I am.”

This is often used for describing a humble attitude.


(shachoo wa gorufu ga ojoozu desune! watashi nante ashimoto nimo oyobimasenyo!)

“You are a great golf player, our president! I’m much worse than you!”

③ 足を引っ張る (ashi o hipparu)

“To pull someone’s leg”

This means…
“to interrupt someone’s success or career”

(Yoshida, ore no ashi o hipparanaide kure.)

“Yoshida, don't interrupt my career."

Does your language have same or similar expressions using legs?