Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I love fox noodle♪

Do you like Japanese food?
You know, we have some popular food here in Japan like Sushi, Tempura, Shabushabu…

Besides those popular menus, we have some food called unique (strange?) name.

① きつねうどん (kitsune udon) “fox udon (fox noodle)”

② たぬきそば (tanuki soba) “raccoon dog soba (raccoon dog soba)”
③ ねこまんま (neko manma) “cat rice”
④ 親子丼 (oyako don) “parents and child rice bowl”

① きつねうどん (kitsune udon) is udon with deep fried bean curd.
I’ve heard it’s because foxes like deep fried bean curd.

② たぬきそば (tanuki soba) is soba with 天かす (tenkasu) and spring onions. Tenkasu is kind of tempura.
But tenkasu doesn’t have any ingredient inside.

Should I call it “Bits of Deep-Fried Tempura Batter” maybe?

Here’s the photo of tanuki soba.

③ ねこまんま (neko manma) is rice with dried bonito and soy sauce.
The definition of neko manma is different depending on the area in Japan.

Some people call neko manma a bowl with miso soup on rice.

④ 親子丼 (oyako don) is a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs.

It’s because chicken and eggs are “parents and child”.

It’s cute, isn’t it?

Have you ever tried those food?

I love all of them.
If you know any interesting name of food in your language, let me know please!