Sunday, January 19, 2014

Oyaji-gyagu for Valentine's day

Posters at a supermarket.

(chokotto happi-)
Be happy a little more with chocolate

ちょこっと means "a little" and チョコ means "chocolate", too.

(hijou ni otoku)
It's very reasonable.

非常(hijou) means not only "emergency" but also "very".
非常におトク means "it's very reasonable" but not "reasonable for emergency".

(okane ukiuki)
Saving money makes me cheerful.

お金が浮きます(okane ga ukimasu) means "to save money" and ウキウキ means "cheerful, buoyant".

Well, those all are like "オヤジギャグ(oyaji-gyagu)".
Do you know what オヤジギャグ is?
(Does your language have オヤジギャグ, too?)
I can't find out how I should explain オヤジギャグ in English...let me know if you know it please!

I found those posters at SEIYU, a famous chain supermarket. 

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  1. The best translation I can find for オヤジギャグ is "bad/boring pun" "bad joke", or literally "old person's joke".

    Although I don't find those signs to be bad puns at all…I think they're all clever "play on words"! :) I've noticed many Japanese advertisements use word play like this.