Friday, July 27, 2007

Today'a kanji : 鞄

Today's kanji is .

The blue part means "leather".
The red part means "to wrap / to fold".

The leather for wrapping your baggage.

Can you guess the meaning?

See the comments page for the answer!


  1. The leather for wrapping your baggage.

    鞄 means "bag".

    For example...
    鞄 (kaban) : bag
    旅行鞄 (ryokou kaban) : suitcase

    About the kanji 包, see the below page.

    We still use this kanji 鞄 a lot though, recently we use katakana words (words from foreign countries), too.
    スーツケース (su-tsu ke-su) : suitcase
    ブリーフケース (buri-fu ke-su) : briefcase
    バッグ (baggu) : bag
    リュックサック (ryukku sakku) : backpack
    * Rucksack (ryukku sakku) is German word.

  2. Hi akiko,

    got a few questions regarding kanji & its application. We all know that native japanese speakers and proficient learners master all 4 levels of nihongo. Level 1 being the highest (or in some places level 4). Anyway...

    Q1: does every japanese really utilize all/most of those level 1 kanjis in their daily conversation?

    Q2: would it be sufficient for a non-native speaker like me to just rely on my level-2 proficiency once i am in japan? Is it hard to get around and along with the locals without those extra vocabs stipulated in level 1? I've been guzzling materials from {Levels 2+3+4 contain 1000 kanjis covering abt 6000 vocabs}


  3. Erika5:11 AM

    Hi akiko

    I read your blog and I'm trying to learn japanese and i would like to ask you about two other kanji, they are 武神 (bujinkan, right?) but i would like to know the order to write them 'cause i know that it's important.. can you help me please?
    I would aprecciate it! and thank you.

  4. I like your blog...but no more updates?