Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Who lives in a temple?

Today, let's try mathematical kanji exercise!

Q. Answer the following questions.

eg:(person) + (to move) = (to work)

① (person) + (prize, award) =

② (person) + (anxious) =

③ (person) + (dream) =

④ (person) + (temple) =

⑤ (person) + (for, sake) =

Answer key:

① (person) + (prize, award) = (compensate, recompense)
  Do we have to compensate when we win a prize!?

② (person) + (anxious) = (kind, gentle)
  We can be kind because we feel anxious?

③ (person) + (dream) = (empty, fragile, frail)
  Having a dream is empty… (T T)

④ (person) + (temple) = (samurai)
  Samurai was in a temple?

⑤ (person) + (for, sake) = (fake)
  Doing something for someone is fake!??

These are interesting...
Some of them seem difficult kanji, but maybe not so difficult to remember because of the meanings?? ;)

How to read the kanji...
働く (hataraku) 償う (tsugunau) 優しい (yasashii)
儚い (hakanai) 侍 (samurai) 偽 (nise)


  1. Akiko-san,

    It's interesting but it's not easy. I know only half of it. :P Thanks for teaching!

  2. >Momomochi

    I feel long time no see you!
    I was glad to find your comment again. ^_^
    Actually some of them are not 常用漢字 (jooyookanji : 1954 basic kanji), so it's sometimes difficult to write the kanji even for native Japanese people. (^ ^;)

  3. Akiko-san,

    Yeah! It's been quite some time for me to read your blog. I'd been away recently. In fact, I'd missed reading your blog. It's funny and helpful! :-) Thanks!

    It's true that some of my friends told me so. It's because of the prevalent use of PC.

    Have a nice weekend ahead!

  4. >momomochi

    Thank you!
    I'm happy to know that you are looking forward to reading my blog.
    If you have any ideas or requests for my blog, just let me know. ^_^

    Have a nice weekend, too!