Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today's kanji : 嫌

The blue part describes "woman".
The red part describes
"the hand + two rices = feel dissatisfaction".
(If it was just one rice, it should be easier. Why do I have to carry two rices? ...)

My girlfriend complains all the time!

Can you guess the meaning?

See the comments page for the answer!


  1. “My girlfriend complains all the time!”

    嫌 means “hate, disgusting, nasty, unwilling”.

    For example…
    嫌がる(iyagaru) : unwilling, reluctant
    嫌い(kirai) : dislike
    嫌われ者 (kirawaremono) : a person who is hated by other people

    According to my dictionary, an action common among women is that they consider a lot for a long time and finally don’t carry out.

    Hmm… maybe that’s not only about women! ;)

  2. Akiko-san,

    It's interesting to know how the word's constructed. I think the creator of this word's male. The truth's that men also behave in such way. It's not confined only to women.

    Talk to you again. :)