Sunday, January 29, 2006

Today's kanji : 眠

Today's kanji is .

The blue part describes "eyes".

The red part describes
"person who was stabbed his/her eyes".

You don't see anything when you are...

Can you guess the meaning?

See the comments page for the answer!


  1. You don't see anything when you are...

    眠 means "to sleep".

    For example...

    睡眠薬(suiminyaku):sleeping pill

    Sometimes the history of kanji is quite cruelty...

  2. Yes that is cruel!!

    but very interesting...
    I thought it meant "blind" at first.

  3. >I thought it meant "blind" at first.

    It makes sense!!

    "blind" is 盲 in kanji.

    The upper part 亡 means "to die" and
    the lower part 目 means "eyes".

    It makes sense, too, isn't it?

  4. (I thought it meant 'blind' too at first... but don't tell Akiko that - as 'sleepy' is one of the kanji that I'm supposed to know! *^o^*)

    The kanji for blind is very logical too - happy to learn another kanji today.

  5. Hi Tom,

    I don't think we've studied the kanji 眠 yet...
    Maybe you just felt "sleepy" in our lessons or something!?? (*_*)

    By the way, I remembered something.
    There is a famous phrase with "blind", isn't it?

    "Love is blind"

    In Japanese, we say
    恋は盲目 (koi wa moomoku)

    Yes, love is 盲.
    Be careful...